Support and Maintenance

Dealye provides a variety of fume hood services to our clients worldwide. Our international reach allows us to support you during the purchasing process and ensure your equipment maintains performance reliability for years to come.

In the rest of the world we co-operate with an extensive network of representatives who install, commission and maintain equipment.

Equipment Care

Preventative Maintenance

Commissioning & Validation

Supply of Quality Parts


Your Safety Is Our Priority

As part of your ‘Duty of Care’ to your employees you must implement procedures to ensure their working environment is protected from the hazards of released contaminants, fumes and particulates. However, this process can be time consuming and occupy key personnel for long periods of time. Legislative compliance is often hard to achieve and the equipment needed to monitor maintenance of your systems can be expensive.

With specific regard to your clean air systems, cupboards, cabinets, hoods and enclosures, it is Dealye’s aim to assist you in achieving compliance with legislation and to ensure the protection of your employees and products at all times.

We offer:


Our staff has over 10 years of combined experience in the industry. We ensure all Dealye products are installed in accordance with product specifications and that all filters are appropriate for the intended application.

During installation, Dealye works with the facility lab safety officer or engineer to ensure the necessary standards and regulations for your industry and any compliance or local codes are followed.

Regular Service and Maintenance

Fume hoods typically require annual testing and maintenance, per ASHRAE and NSF/ANSI standards respectively, though more frequent intervals may be required by your governing industry standards or laboratory procedures. Regular preventive maintenance of your ductless fume hoods is essential for the continued safety of your personnel and your work. Routine maintenance and testing services also help prevent unplanned downtime.

Dealye provides maintenance services for all product lines. Our expert technicians provide basic maintenance services to routinely check alarms, sashes, ports, fans and other system components. Maintenance services can be tailored based on your specific application and standards requirements. We also provide equipment inspection services.

Filter Replacement Services

Dealye provides high-quality activated carbon filters, HEPA/ULPA filters, and other consumables.

Regular filter replacement is critical for continued safety. You can reorder filters easily and create a filter replacement reminder to fit your schedule.